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The Son
I did this last summer and I thought I had uploaded it but when I got to looking through my profile I could not find it anywhere and it made me so mad at myself because this is probably my favorite picture ever out of my StF fanart.

Meet the prodigal son. I call him Zephir but I've been trying to think if the name fits him, I may change it.

But I love this picture because the his origin story is so complex and dark and this particular scene is so emotional and wordless.

The backstory is basically Sofia is married to a rival king in order to create peace. But when she meets him, he's cold and frightening and Sofia takes Cedric with her to live there because she's afraid to be alone in this new kingdom without anyone to trust.

Her husband is cruel and (she soon after discovers) infertile. This poses a problem as the last wife who could not produce him a son died unexpectedly and she thinks she knows how. He isn't shy about making threats to her, almost admitting to what he'd done to his last queen.

In desperation, she goes to Cedric but his potions never work and even the strongest magic he can safely conjure result in nothing but false hope and an unexpected miscarriage.

As a last resort, she asks for something unspeakable, knowing it could be the end of everything she holds dear. She asks Cedric to give her a son.

Cedric knows the dangers and repercussions and tries with everything he has to change her mind but still he knows if he doesn't do this, she may die. This spell may kill them both before it's over. Dark magic always has a price but there's nothing else for it.

But it isn't long after that she's arrested, framed for a crime she didn't commit. Her husband intends to wage war on her kingdom for sending him a 'barren' bride. It's in the dark, cold tower where her cell lies that she falls ill and realizes that the spell worked but all too late. Fate has left her with the losing end and now she has ruined everything.

But Cedric helps her escape and together, they return to enchancia.

Skip ahead.

The war is won and her husband is tried and executed. Leaving her child 'fatherless'. When he is born, many questions are raised concerning his parentage. Many rumors are spread. But the secret is held firm through both of their hard work to keep it so. Though there is no doubt that she and Cedric both love their son, exposing the truth would only cause him harm as he is now the sole heir to her late husband's throne.

This scene.

Zephir knows the truth of his parentage. They never tried to hide it from him and he knows the importance of keeping it secret. But he has a quick temper and the magic that spawned him also spawned a darkness in him.

So when a nobleman remarks on the strangeness of his coloring from his bright blue eyes to the unusual streaks of white in his hair, Zephir finds his patience waning. The man has a vicious grin and knowing eyes.

Zephir knows magic. Zephir knows how to kill with magic and has before even at the tender age of 10.

But then his mother is there, her arms tight around his shoulders, shielding him, keeping him sane. Her smile is tight when she explains the magic that stained his hair when he was born, a successful attempt at saving both their lives. His hands clench by his side.

When the man leaves, she does not. Her arms stay wrapped tight around them and his hands come up to hold them, comforted by them. Across the room he catches his father's eye as they follow the man's exit. The look he gives him is comforting and the warmth of his mother behind him makes him feel safe. The man will be dealt with, he needn't worry.
Happily Ever After
Guys, the new Beauty and the Beast movie had me in tears. I mean, that's my all time favorite Disney movie anyway but the remake? Blew me away! So good! It made me so happy.

Anyway, some Cedfia because I miss drawing them. And I don't think I'll ever be able to draw Cedric without his goatee anymore, I feel like it's a trademark now, like his tattoos I did a while back. LOL.
Shuriki Cedric?
New pairing? CedRiki? I don't think this is ever going anywhere but I once had an idea of Shuriki (Elena of Avalor) and Cedric (Sofia the First) teaming up that went a little like this...


She circled him like a panther, sizing up her prey. "You want to overthrow a kingdom? Well, darling, I already have."

"You're forgetting Princess Sofia. You may have fooled the Avalorans, you won't fool her. She's too smart, too clever. But you already know that, don't you." He sneered. "After all, wasn't it the princess who ended your reign?"

Shuriki stopped behind him and glared at the back of his head until his eyes cut toward her. She faked a smile, too tight and bitter to have been natural. "No matter. What's one little girl against two powerful sorcerers?"

She slid her arm across his shoulders and it was like a python slithering against him. Cedric tensed and glared at the wall. "She has the amulet."

"The Princess' silly trinket is no threat to me. I trapped Elena within it, I will do the same to the girl." She grinned, conjuring a mirage in her hand. "And when I do, it will be yours. To do with as you wish."

Cedric glanced over his shoulder at the glowing specter in her hand. The amulet gleamed in a violet light and within the crystal center of the jewel, he saw a tiny figure pounding desperately against the glass. Crying in desperation. His resolve started to waver.

Shuriki, seeing the slip in his stony mask, dissolved the spell and stepped in front of him. She slid her hands up his chest, her fingers tangling in the ridiculous yellow ribbon around his neck. Boldly, she perched on his lap and his hands griped the arms of the chair tightly, his jaw tense.

"Cedric, together we could take more than one small kingdom. Together, we could bring them all to kneel before us. And you," She ran her fingers over his ears and up into his hair. "You, would be King of them all. I will make you, the greatest king that ever lived."

Cedric's grip on the chair fell slack at her touch and words. His face relaxed into a sleepy, predatory look as he sized the woman up. She made many pretty promises and asked for nothing in return. There was no doubt she would turn on him in the end. No doubt that the sweet, saccharine words that fell from her ruby lips were laced with poison. But still....

She drew closer and her fingers curled behind his neck, playing with his hair and she smiled when his hands settled on her hips. "As long as you stay by my side, help me, love me, you will forever be king. Mighty, loved, feared, and all powerful. Doesn't that sound wonderful?"

Cedric leaned forward and ran his lips across her jaw, hiding his eyes so she couldn't see them. If she did, she would surely recognize the lie within the golden irises. The malice and deception that lay in wait. "Yes." He hissed like a snake and she purred in delight.

He would go along with her plan. And together, when they had brought the world to its knees, he would betray her just as she planned to betray him. The board was set, the pieces in place and the game had begun. Time would tell who would be the victor.


This may turn into a oneshot one day. I'm kinda on the ropes about this pairing.



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